Record Expungement

Criminal records can adversely affect employment, housing, education, and much more for a lifetime.  Fortunately, New Jersey law offers the opportunity to have a criminal records cleared for persons that live law-abiding lives following their criminal convictions.

Strict rules govern who can and cannot receive an expungement. The process can be somewhat tedious and time-consuming, with precise paperwork and deadlines. Some applications even require a legal showing of “good cause.”

Hudnut Law has successful sought and argued many expungements, giving clients a fresh start. No one deserves to have a mistake follow her around forever. Hudnut Law is here to help!

“I hired Jacob to help with an expungement of a criminal matter from 25 years ago…The laws/rulings have recently changed and…he was able to bring to [the prosecutors’] attention this new law/ruling that even they were unaware of. The expertise Jacob used for this matter impressed me.”

Expungement Client