It is every defendant’s right to be guided through the criminal justice system by a knowledgeable and aggressive advocate.  Hudnut Law represents individuals accused of criminal offenses in New Jersey, providing sound counsel and powerful advocacy.

Hudnut Law’s first goal is dismissal or acquittal where appropriate. When this is not possible, attorney Jake Hudnut works tireless to negotiate a promising plea.  Jacob carefully advises clients about a plea’s impact on one’s criminal record, employment or educational status, immigration status (if applicable), and future background checks.  And when trial is in a defendant’s best interest, Jacob is ready and willing to present an aggressive defense to a jury.

If you are under suspicion, have been arrested, or have been charged with a crime, then it is extremely important that you exercise your constitutional right to remain silent until you have a lawyer present.  Be polite, but be firm.  Do not answer any questions for law enforcement officials or prosecutors until you have spoken to an attorney.

Jake is a member of the Hudson County Bar Association Criminal Practice Committee, the Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys of New Jersey, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

If you need the service of a criminal defense attorney, then contact Jake for a free consultation.  Hudnut Law is here to help.