Attorney Jacob V. Hudnut is pleased to represent folks from communities throughout Hudson County and across Greater North Jersey.

 Client Testimonials
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“I had an absolutely fantastic experience with Jacob who handled several key documents for my startup. Jacob was very professional, responsive and knowledgeable.” -Client, Business Law

“Mr. Hudnut cares about you and what happens with your case. I suggest that anyone looking for an attorney please contact Mr. Hudnut; he did a really good job and made sure I was happy with his work.” –Client, Litigation

“Attorney Jacob Hudnut is very good at what he does…He will also get the best results for any of his clients. As far as I’m concern he did a great job!!” –Client, Litigation

“He was always responsive when I sent him inquiries and met with me several times when preparing for court. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer.” –Client, Litigation

“I consulted Mr. Hudnut, and knew immediately that he was the attorney to represent me. He saw right through the ‘red tape’ of why I received the charges and built an incredible strategy and defense…and all the charges against me were dropped. I found Mr. Hudnut to be very smart, confident, and helpful.” –Client, Criminal Defense

“I highly recommend him. He save[d] my life and kept me home with my family.” –Client, Criminal Defense

“Mr. Hudnut was very professional and made sure that he researched all the necessary information…before the case went to trial…He is an example of a great attorney and a caring attorney. Thank you from an appreciative mother.” –Client’s Mother, Criminal Defense

“I recommend Jacob Hudnut as a criminal attorney because he cares, and understands that often another chance is needed and he will fight to get his client another chance.” -Client’s family member, Criminal Defense

“I hired Jacob to help with an expungement of a criminal matter from 25 years ago…The laws/rulings have recently changed and…he was able to bring to [the prosecutors’] attention this new law/ruling that even they were unaware of. The expertise Jacob used for this matter impressed me.” –Client, Criminal Defense

“My DWI was dismissed thanks to Jacob Hudnut!! Mr. Hudnut was my first need for legal representation and yet he put my mind at ease by being very honest, thorough, & knowledgeable. I was very confident standing before the judge with Jacob Hudnut at my side.” –Client, Municipal Court

 A note from a former criminal defense client: