Life Sentence Reduced to 2-Year Probation!

freedom-clipart-5Client was charged with aggravated assault and witness tampering, both in the first degree. Both charges carried 10- to 20-year sentences, which could have run consecutively and amounted to a life sentence. The pre-trial plea offer was more than ten years. Client maintained his innocence. This was not surprising; the complaining witness had a history of making false allegations against client, including in a case in which the jury acquitted client, having not believed the complaining witness. Prior to trial, I filed motions to dismiss the witness tampering (because the underlying case had been acquitted) and to introduce the witness’s prior inconsistent accusations. The plea offer was changed to two-year probation for a call client made to the complaining witness while a no-contact order was in place. Client was able to avoid jail time and continue working. If you are accused of a crime or an offense, then it is important you retain the representation of a knowledgeable and aggressive defense attorney to advocate strongly on your behalf. Contact Jake for a free consultation. Attorney Jake Hudnut is here to help!

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