Not Guilty Trial Verdict!

not guilty 2A client was charged with possessing 14 vials of cocaine with the intent to sell them.  They were found in the lobby of an apartment building that the client was observed by police entering and existing with other individuals in between stretches of time standing on a nearby street corner.  The State alleged that the client did not live in this building.  The client’s plea offer was five years in New Jersey state prison with three-year parole ineligibility.  If convicted, he faced upward of ten years in state prison with five-year parole ineligibility.  Three police officers, a representative of the city’s housing department, and a drug expert testified against client.  However, in opening statement and closing arguments, Attorney Hudnut highlighted the police’s failure to preserve video evidence form a nearby police camera, dust the drugs for prints, and interview the occupants of the apartment building, among other failures.  The jury deliberated for less than an hour and acquitted the client of all charges. 

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