A Second Chance for Client with 4 Distribution Cases

4T9znebTEA client had four open files for distributing drugs and/or possessing drugs with the intent to sell them.  His plea offer was seven years in a state prison and, if convicted at trial, his aggregate sentence for all four files would be well over 30 years in prison.  Client maintained he sold to support his own drug habit, but was denied special probation Drug Court because he had failed out of same ten years ago. 

However, by raising mitigation, including his drug treatment while in county jail during the pendency of his cases, an application by Attorney Hudnut, at first denied but then granted after a second hearing, allowed the client to enter special probation Drug Court.  He was assessed by a clinician in the courts and deemed to have a drug addiction.

It is important to remember that while some individuals sell illegal drugs purely for monetary gain, others sell drugs to support their own habit.  No amount of state prison can help these people.  They need treatment.

If you are accused of a crime or an offense, then it is important you retain the representation of a knowledgeable and aggressive defense attorney to advocate strongly on your behalf.  Contact the firm today for a free consultation.  Attorney Jacob V. Hudnut is here to help!

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