Not Guilty Trial Verdict!

not guilty 2Client was charged with possession of illegal drugs with the intent to distribute when three police officers alleged to have seen him run from them and toss the drugs on the ground.  Over thirty vials of cocaine and heroine were recorded.  Client – who was being treated with kidney dialysis three times a week – had a plea offer was five years in New Jersey State Prison and maintained his innocence.  

At trial, upon successful cross-examination of the arrest officers, inconsistencies were found upon their accounts and versions of alleged events.  Additionally, there was a lack of corroborating evidence beyond their alleged observations.  Client had no money on him, which would be typical of someone engaged in selling drugs.  The police failed to fingerprint the bag containing the drugs.  And the entire incident happened right under a police department camera, which they did not preserve the footage for.  Lastly, one of the officer’s bias against the client surfaced at a pre-trial motion and was called into question at trial.

After a few hours of deliberation, the jury voted not guilty on all drug charge that the client was charged with.


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