Shoplifting Ring Leader Charges Downgraded

1344480375275080757Justice.svg.medClient was charged with being the ring leader of a shoplifting scheme that stole over $100,000 from various departments stores New Jersey and New York.  Client was related to the shoplifters, and her car was driven by some of the shoplifters, but no evidence put client in the stores at the time of the thefts or profiting from same.  Client was an employed bus driver with no criminal record.  Her plea offer was over five years in New Jersey State Prison.

In light of the weak proofs against client, she was eventually offered a plea to conspiracy to shoplift (for lending her car).  This was a misdemeanor and she was placed into a six-month diversion program.  After six months of staying arrest-free and paying all her fines, the charges were dropped.  Client’s employment was not affected.  The other shoplifters resolved their charges and accepted responsibility for their thefts.

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