Our justice system affords persons convicted of crimes the opportunity to appeal their case. While a criminal appeal does give a convicted person the ability to challenge the facts of the case, it does allow a skilled appellate attorney the opportunity to show that a court misapplied the law or otherwise erred in its legal judgment.

Hudnut Law has successful argued cases before the Appellate Division. No system is perfect – even the court system. If you have a conviction from a court with an appealable issue, Hudnut Law is here to help!

Post-Conviction Relief

In addition to appeals, the law may afford what is called “post-conviction relief” to a person convicted of a crime. Grounds for filing for post-conviction relief include a denial of a constitutional right either under the state or federal constitutions. A common ground is ineffective assistance of counsel, whereby an attorney fails to properly investigate a case or act competently. Post-conviction relief may also be warranted if, when entering a plea agreement, an attorney fails to advise her client of the consequences of that guilty plea, or if the trial court does not fully advise a defendant of her rights when accepting a plea.

Hudnut Law has successful filed many post-conviction relief petitions in the courts of New York and New Jersey. If you have a claim for relief from a criminal conviction, Hudnut Law is here to help!

“I recommend Jacob Hudnut as a criminal attorney because he cares, and understands that often another chance is needed and he will fight to get his client another chance.”

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